About Us

Viveros Carbonero, is a company dedicated exclusively to the production of strawberry plants, in its different varieties depending on the demand of both the National and International markets, guaranteeing the maximum quality of the product offered, achieving an optimal result.

It was founded in 1989, founded by Mr. Tomas Román Yagüe, a young farmer, born in the town of Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia). In his beginnings as a nurseryman he used techniques of traditional agriculture, the trade and knowledge of farmers in the area. Currently we also have nurseries in Ávila and Segovia.

At the national level, 60% of the production of strawberry plants is destined, mainly to Huelva, being this the second producer nucleus of the strawberry plant in Spain.

In the International market, production goes to Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and northern Europe.

The handling and packaging warehouse is located in the town of Carbonero el Mayor, a town in the province of Segovia. The farmland is more than 850 meters above sea level.