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Viveros Carbonero

Viveros Carbonero characterizes by its distribution of strawberry plants, as much at national level as at export level.

The National market of strawberry plants goes destined with a 60% of its production mainly to Huelva, being this the second producing nucleus of the strawberry plant. In International market, the production is destined to Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey and to the north of Europe.

The objectives of VC are focused in the quality of their product, the innovation of new techniques of cultures to improve their production, the attention and served to their clients.



We can distinguish some aspects for the culture:

For planting

For planting, are used sandy grounds and previously dealt with the disinfectants more adapted.

The parcels

The parcels are inspected by expert technicians in culture of the strawberry plant, to determine fitosanitary products to use and the nutrients to apply.

The growth

During the growth of the plant, is applied an exhaustive pursuit for the control of the possible plagues existing.

The diggings

In the diggings, is used the machineries of high technology that allow the best treatment for the plant.

The selection

The selection process is made of manual form, establishing rigorous controls to obtain a selection of quality (maturity of the plant, size by roots, sizes of the crown... etc). Based on the variety produced and of the orders, they are made a certain packaging later a certain conservation of the plant.